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The Different Types Of Access Equipment

For construction sites, warehouses or office space, access equipment provides a safe platform to complete work. If you need to reach high areas that a ladder wouldn't be appropriate for, access hire in North Wales can give you a helping hand. If you’re on the path of searching for access lifts North Wales, this post will provide you with information on the best option for you and your project.

Scissor Lifts

Operating vertically, scissor lifts assist you in reaching heights of up to 60 feet. In comparison to a ladder, scissor lifts offer a safe space for you to reach areas that would otherwise be dangerous with a ladder. 

These are available in a range of sizes, great for compact areas or large outdoor construction sites. They are typically fairly easy to operate, with a low number of controls, which include a lower, neutral and raise button, power button and an emergency stop button. Scissor lifts are safe to use, which make it a great choice for reaching high areas safely. 

Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are often mounted to a vehicle, typically a truck body with an extendible boom. They are used to reach inaccessible areas, commonly high areas of outer buildings and trees. Cherry pickers are run by a hydraulic system, where energy is transmitted through static or dynamic forces of liquid. 

Cherry pickers are often referred to as a boom lift, allowing maximum manoeuvrability to reach areas that would be difficult by person. This type of machinery is best when reaching the highest places, so if you’re looking to complete work at heights, hiring a cherry picker to assist you will be very beneficial. 


Excavators are a heavy piece of construction equipment featuring a boom, stick, and bucket, that are typically described as a digger too. They have the ability to make a large hole in the ground, carefully removing any earth from a particular area. Other materials they can move include rock and tools. 

Due to their large size, excavators are great for heavy-duty construction work, such as mining and demolition projects. If you require a digger for small, compact areas, then you can hire a small excavator that is well suited for small garden spaces. This size will provide better and easier transportability, plus it is perfect for completing work in confined spaces. 

When To Hire Access Equipment

As mentioned, access equipment should be hired for completing construction work, garden projects or for any other work involving transportation of materials or demolition. They can provide easier and quicker ways of working, completing projects within a better time period.

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