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Door Buying Guide - Benefits of New Doors

Thinking about upgrading your front door? Here’s what you need to know before you begin. Find out about how doors North Wales can increase your home’s value and view.

The Benefits of a New Door
You’ll be hard pressed to find a project that brings as many benefits, and stretches your home investment money further than new doors. Here are just some of the benefits that you’ll start noticing from day one:

Improved comfort - newly fitted doors will be energy-efficient and well-sealed, meaning that you’ll reduce your cold drafts and hot spots in your home.

Increased home value - new windows and doors can return homeowners 71-78 percent of the project cost upon the resale of their home.

More peace and quiet - insulating frames and triple-pane glass helps to reduce the noise from traffic, barking dogs or lawn mowers.

Enhanced safety and security - newer doors are fitted with multipoint locks which are harder to break through than those with only one lock.

How to Choose the Right Door
A patio or entry door play an incredibly important role in framing the moments that matter most to you, making every day a little bit brighter and more comfortable. With a wide range of doors on the market, you can choose the right one for your home.

As you start shopping for new doors North Wales, consider these five key points to help you to focus and narrow your search:

Budget - until you have decided on a particular product and installation method, it’s hard to properly estimate your total project cost. When you’re ready to start planning your budget, get some quotes from reputable tradesmen so you can get an idea of how much your new door will cost.

Lifestyle - keep the places, people and things in your life in mind as you shop for a new door. Do you need to keep blinds and shades out of reach of little hands or even little paws? Do you enjoy redecorating on a frequent basis? You should also consider weather implications - does your area go through periods of extreme weather conditions?

Styles - you will have a range of different styles to choose from, including hinged, French and sliding doors. If you’re not sure which one to go with, an expert can help you to match with the perfect door for your needs.

Features and Options - you can also look into personalising your door with options that bring in add elements of beauty and performance. Look into different stains and finishes, or add in some unique hardware.

Material Types - this is a very important consideration to make. Here are the most popular options:
Vinyl offers added energy efficiency, affordable quality and low-maintenance.
Wood creates a warm, natural look and can be stained or painted in order to complement your home’s existing style.
Steel entry doors provide exceptional durability that protects you home against the outside elements.
Fiberglass is proven to protect your home effectively against extreme heat and cold, whilst also offering the look of a painted wooden door.

How to Find Energy Efficient Doors
Improved energy efficiency is a benefit that everyone expects as standard with the installation of a new door. However, there are a lot of factors, including proper installation that will eventually determine how much improved performance and comfort you’ll actually see in your home. Here are some of the things to look out for:

Installation - properly installed doors will help to prevent air infiltration and even costly water damage to your home. If installed incorrectly, your new door could create more problems than it solves.

Glass - double-pane glass insulates the home almost twice as well as single-pane, while choosing triple-pane glass will maximise your homes energy efficiency.

Region - the geographic location of your home and the climate of that area can help to determine what kind of door you choose, and what options can enhance your energy efficiency.

Frame Construction - your choice of door frame influences your energy efficiency.

Fiberglass composite material offers insulating properties which are similar to that of a wooden door. It won’t warp in the summer or turn brittle in the winter months.

Wood frames are brilliant insulators, they conduct less heat or cold into your home. 

Multi Chambered vinyl frames reduce heat loss for added energy efficiency, and they’re exceptionally low maintenance.


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