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Tips to Perfect your Architectural Photography

Our modern-day, image-obsessed culture has resulted in us consuming a very large quantity of photographs featuring architecture. This is opposed to experiencing the spaces for yourself. Architects in Cheshire have created some outstanding buildings, that are begging to be photographed. With the advent of Instagram, Facebook and other photosharing sites, we have access to see all the s photos at any time, and also, the ability to post. Next time you visit a historic town like Chester, you may feel like taking some photos of the awesome architecture, and as such here are some tips to help you get the best photos of a building.

1. Shoot in different weather conditions and time of day

People often tend to seek the most dramatic lighting to shoot architectural designs, like sunset houses when the colours are bright and the shadows are long. The often marks very atmospheric photos, but ultimately only captures the building at a specific point in time. Shooting at different times of the day or in various weather conditions can help to paint a fuller story of the building’s life throughout the day.

2. Lighting is key.

Regardless of when you are shooting the photos, make sure that you always have good lighting, great architectural lighting assists you in emphasising the space, structure of the atmosphere that you are trying to demonstrate

3. Angles

Playing with angles until you can find a unique one is not only an entertaining thing to do but also can be rewarding, taking time to find a different angle from which to photograph can bring out an overlooked from abstraction of a building;’s specific detail that could give rise to another level or beautify an appreciation to its form.

4. People

Remember that without people there are no buildings and as such including them can add context and perspective. You may want to include photos with and without people.

5. Explore the details.

Shooting with a  wide-angle lens is usually the best way to go about architecture photography however buildings contain hundreds of intricate little details that are lost when the facade room is shot in one frame. Exploring these details all the way up to close could reveal something about the build’s past and construction.

6. Don’t objectify the building

You’re trying to offer a complete view and balanced perspective of a building, not just one angle. Respect the building as you would a person.

7. Use post processing tools

Processing images has become a standard part of photography. Allowing you to tweak your images to perfectly match that atmosphere that you want to create. While images should be altered within a respectable envelope.

8. Invest in photography equipment

If you are serious about photography you'll need more than just your iphone camera(although they can do a  lot these days!).  Generally people will use a wide-angle lens, but if you have a standard one it will also help you get those detail shots.

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