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Preparing Your Home for Winter

Some of us might be holding out hope for a hot September, but we can all sense a change in the air - autumn is on the way, and winter will be hot on it’s heels. Kids are going back to school in a matter of days/weeks and I’m a Celebrity has been announced - this can only mean one thing, cosy nights in on the sofa!

However, can you say with complete certainty, that your home is properly prepared and equipped to deal with the UK winter weather? Are you sure that you won’t experience those unwelcome draughts or be overusing your heating once the temperatures start to plummet? 

If you have doubts about your home, winter-proofing measures need to be taken into account now, before it’s too late. Investing in a top-quality door for your home is a great first step if you think your current door isn’t going to be good enough. Inotherm doors are exceptional for keeping your home not only safe and secure, but they have incredible thermal insulation too. 

Here are some tips to help prepare your home for the winter so you can stay cosy throughout the cold months. 

Check Your Heating

Whatever heating system you choose to use, it’s likely to have been off for a fair few months over the summer.

If you’ve not done so yet, it’s a good idea to get your boiler system checked by a professional. Suddenly turning your boiler on can affect your pipe, and as the temperatures start to decrease you don’t want to be left cold with no warm water.

Clear the Gutters

Clearing your gutters may seem like something you do in the summer, but if your gutters are not cleared in time for winter (and for the rain) then water will build up and leak into the house through even the smallest gap, causing a problem that could cost you a small fortune in repair bills.

Replace your Windows

Older windows can be the main culprit for letting the heat out and cold temperatures in. Nowadays, windows have great energy efficiency built into them, meaning that they keep your home cosy for the winter months, plus, by installing energy efficient windows, you can save hundreds on your household energy bills.

Consistent Central Heating

Going from cold to boiling hot temperatures can really affect your pipes, so much so that they can sometimes burst - leading to expensive repair call outs.

This winter switch up your house warming strategy and go for medium heat (around 14 degrees) throughout the winter and for longer periods of time. This will reduce your risk of any frozen pipe issues and keep your home warm all year round.

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