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The Pros of Aluminium Lean-to Conservatories

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Aluminium lean-to conservatories are a great contemporary addition to your home which can give your home that much sought after extra space and light. Their build is also pretty simple too. They use a flat roof which leans towards an existing wall of your home, with a square shape structure beneath. 

The design of a lean-to conservatory can create space for the smallest of home, and they don’t need a huge garden to be constructed in. The space created is massively flexible, and can be used for whatever you like. Conservatories North Wales have a fantastic range of lean-tos and other outdoor living spaces for you to consider.

What is good about aluminium lean-to conservatories?

If your home is on the small end of the spectrum and you are considering getting an extension, then getting an aluminium lean-to conservatory can be a very cost-effective choice. This style is one of the cheaper options, but is still a super effective and useful home improvement

The design is simple, so it can fit into smaller garden spaces with ease, and also resulting in being cheaper than the more complex designs. As they are quick to install, you would also be paying less labour costs for the installation. 

Aluminium lean-to conservatories are also easy to blend in with your current home. You have the option of getting a dwarf wall installed with it that can match the same brickwork, making the design seamless. The dwarf wall would also add extra insulation qualities to the space. 

The glass panes that make up the bulk of the conservatory should be double glazed as standard. This type of glass will lower the amount of heat transfer, and keep the temperature space inside regulated. You can sit comfortably knowing your heating bills won't be affected. 

During the summer, the conservatory will provide you with a warm, comfortable area to relax. It would be a pathway to the garden, blurring the lines between the outdoors and the indoors. 

During the winter, it will still be possible to enjoy the outdoors, but from a shelter. There's nothing quite like watching the rain when you’re tucked up inside!

Why is aluminium used for conservatories?

Aluminium is one of the most reliable and resourceful materials there is. It eliminates having to spend time and money on maintenance since it is highly durable and will not rust or rot over time. 

Aluminium is waterproof and weatherproof - unlike the timber alternative. It is almost impenetrable, so a safer option if you want to keep your home secure. 

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