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Renovating a House

For some people, the thought of buying a fixer-upper is a highly attractive option and popular DIY project for those who are looking to make their mark on the property ladder. It can be a brilliant way to invest your money, as not only will you be creating a space that is tailor made to your needs, but you’ll also be reaping the rewards of the property's end value. Renovations North Wales are on hand should you need assistance with any mishaps along the way. 

Finding a Renovation Project

A quick google search for properties for sale in your chosen area will highlight just how many buildings there are for sale. However, sifting through the potentials requires some fundamental principles. Think about where you want to live; what is nearby, consider your future needs. Something to bear in mind is that a house that has renovation potential in a sought-after area is likely to come at a premium price; on the other hand, doing up a property that’s in a more undesirable area might not yield a big enough return once renovated. In basic terms, it’s about weighing up your budget and local house prices with what you are hoping to achieve with the renovation. 

Whilst many people choose online property portals, make use of the traditional methods of finding a house as well. Register with local estate agents, and head to some local property auctions. 

Look at Structural Quality

It is exciting to find a property opportunity which appears on the surface to tick all the boxes on your renovation wishlist - but it’s critical you don’t jump straight in with an offer without establishing if the structure of the building is sound. 

You don’t need to be a building professional to be able to get a decent sense of the overall conditions of the house when giving it the once over. Aesthetic upgrades like replacing wallpaper or carpets will need to be accounted for in the budget - but the cost of these is fairly easy to predict. It’s the behind the scenes elements that can be trickier to check and price up - a complete rewire could prove to be costly. 

Investigating Design Potential

When you are assessing a potential property for renovation, there are signs to look out for regarding what kind of changes could work well within the building. Consider the layout of rooms, and establish if they are going to suit your needs. 

Estimating Building Costs

Whilst you want to understand how much the renovation project is going to cost before proceeding with the purchase of the property, you also don’t want to spend too much money prior to knowing for certain that it’s a definite. There is a delicate balance between getting firm costs and causal estimates. You might have paid for a structural survey, this means you’ll have an idea of just what works are needed. 

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