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What home improvements can be completed during the UK lockdown?

As the UK lockdown continues, more and more people are looking for inspiration when it comes to conducting DIY home improvements. This could also be the perfect time to get quotes on bigger projects, such as changing to inotherm doors. Other, slightly more manageable DIY improvements for your home could include a plethora of things. 

Improving your Outside Space

This could be the time to clean and sort your neglected outdoor space; due to the lockdown we are all spending more time at home than usual - having a beautiful space to enjoy the sunny weather outside could be vital to getting the most from this situation. Spend some time scrubbing old pots, order some new plants online, de-grime your patio furniture or jet wash the decking area. Even the smallest of spaces can be turned into a pretty garden area - even a small window sill. This is the time to get creative with some hanging baskets, or wall planters. 

Organise Your Wardrobe

Dedicate some of your new-found time, if you’re not able to work from home to sorting out your clothes and having a proper clear out. Make three distinct piles, ‘keep’, ‘charity’ and ‘maybe’. Be strict with yourself, get rid of items you haven’t worn for a year or more; when it comes to rehanging or folding items at the end of the sorting, organise by season or colour to make finding specific items easier. 

Clear Out the Garage or Shed

These places can often become somewhat of a dumping ground for all those items you can’t quite find a place for normally. You’ll likely find gardening equipment, possibly disused garden furniture, old children’s toys or even the family collection of bicycles. You might be able to clean some bits up and sell them or donate them to charity so others can get some years of joy out of them too, instead of them just gathering dust in a garage.

Do Some DIY

Get started on the list, you know which one we’re talking about - the seemingly never-ending list of odd jobs that you don’t get round to doing normally. Hang that picture, bleed the radiators, fix the squeaky door or fit the new bathroom door lock. However, you don’t need to just stick to the dull and boring stuff - tick some bits off the list but, you can get creative too. 

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