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Smart Home Technology

So, just what is smart home technology? This phrase has been thrown around for a couple of years now, but in the last 12-months it’s taken off completely in the UK. Especially in the security sector; lots of homeowners are familiar with the traditional home security systems Llandudno on the market - but they might not be as familiar with the more popular modern alternatives. 

Have you thought about how easy life could be if all your devices in your life were connected to the internet? This isn’t just limited to computers and smartphones, but everything; clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, appliances, garage doors or even alarm systems. What if those devices could all communicate, send each other information and take on your commands?

Home Automation

This is exactly what it says on the tin, automating the ability to control specific items around your house; with the quick push of a button or even a voice command. Some activities such as setting up your lamps to turn on and off at your whim, are quite simple and relatively inexpensive. Others, such as a CCTV system might require a more serious investment of not only time but money too. There are lots of different smart home product categories, so you are able to control everything from your lights and the thermostat, to the locks and security in your home. 

Your home devices provide a huge sense of convenience, particularly when it comes to being able to call someone due to a mere voice command. In 2020 they can help to combat some more serious issues, like acting as your home security system when you leave your home unattended. In other words, these aren’t just for fun anymore, they serve a real purpose in your home. 

Smart Device vs Smart System

Let's define what is meant by smart device vs smart system. A smart system is the overarching command centre which controls your individual products - for example Alexa or Google Assistant. Essentially, a smart system is what you speak to when you want something to happen. On the other hand, a device is an individual product which reports back to the smart system - for example, an Amazon Echo.

Best Smart Home Systems

When you’re looking into purchasing a smart home system, you should look into reviews and its integrations. While the reviews will give you a clear impression of how good or bad the technology is, the integration information will show you how many individual products can be connected to that particular system. Whilst conducting your integration research, you need to consider any smart devices you already have in your home that might be compatible or incompatible with the system. Most modern smart home systems are powered by state-of-the art technology and offer a long list of third-party integration possibilities. If your devices can all connect and work well together, are easy to use, your smart home is off to a flying start!

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