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Single, Double, or Triple Glazing Windows

It’s not foolish to assume that double glazing will perform better than single, and triple will perform better still. However, things just aren’t quite as simple as that. Here we will look further into single, double, and triple glazing windows and hopefully bring you some insight into what might be best to go with your brand new windows in Bangor homes.

Single Glazing

There are no longer any major reasons for anyone to live with just single glazing any more. The only real reason that single glazing is chosen is if the property is a listed building and cannot be altered in any way.

Double or Triple?

For a certain generation the term, “double glazing” will cast their minds back to the 1970’s. This was the decade that the original double glazed window was developed. However, double glazing has continued to be developed and worked on over the years and has now become a much better product overall. Gone are the days of unbearably stuffy rooms and condensation trapped between the panes of glass.

As triple glazing windows becomes more and more popular as years go by, it becomes more common to assume that triple glazing is better than double. In reality, triple glazing does have superior thermal insulation properties; however, the disadvantages can certainly put people off.

Triple glazing windows are far heavier, as well as the price for each window being significantly increased. The weight differences noticeable with triple glazing significantly reduce the sizes of the windows that can be installed. This means that you may need to settle for double glazing if you wish to install large windows.

Contact your nearest home improvements or windows specialist today to find out more about quality glass products. Most home improvement companies will be happy to provide a free no obligation quote on your project to give their customers the best idea for pricing and time.

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